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ok so it works

well let me see what has been going on since last year??
i moved into a HUGE two bedroom two bath apartment and i got a kitten -- he is the cutest thing in the whole world -- all black --
i got fired from disneyland (i am over it) and i currently work as a volleyball coach at a club called TCA -- i coach the most annoying 15 year old girls in the world but i love them (most of the time) --
the best part of the job is i get to travel with the team for free :) and the end of the year tourney is in houston this year so that is a free trip home to texas yeah :)

chris and i got back together and things are always up and down with us, it seems to be daily that we go up and down, down and up, over and over but we always get through it -

so basically i have been going to school and watching my favorite soap gh
i hate economics with a passion -- and i have to retake it --
well that is it for now -- i am going to go play with my kitten now :) talk to yall later bye for now
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