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the stuff i remembered

30 December
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hey y'all -- yes i am from texas...moved to california about two years ago (i did not know a single person) -- i worked at disney land last summer and that was a lot of drama and a lot of fun -- i miss those guys -- currently i coach volleyball and that is tons of fun...coaching those girls makes me thank god i am not a parent yet!! and it also reminds me of how much i hated being 15 years old!! currently i am broke, (coaching does not pay that much) CA is expensive, so i look at open houses for fun and pretend that i can actually buy them -- it is a free form of entertainment esp. because there are tons of houses for sale around my area -- i don't update my journal all that much because i forget to do it -- i forget to do a lot of things and it is always a blessing when i actually remember something -- i don't spell check even though i know i should -- and i do not use punctuation marks...as you can tell -- they interupt my stream of consciousness (???spelling???you get the idea) enjoy reading what little i actually write -- i hope it is entertaining -- actually i don't care if you think it is entertaining or not -- so have a good day :)