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so yes i have not written in my journal because i did not have access to a computer for a week -- I WAS (and still am) HOMELESS -- and by homeless i mean that i did not have a place to put all of my shit -- it is in my car and has been there for a week -- i also have my my stuff at four other apartments around long beach -- and thank god for good friends that let me stay with them -- taylor (i love ya girl) and keoni (along with his roommates, esp. casey for letting me stay in his part of the apartment) yall mean the world to me and i would be sleeping in my car on some random street if it were not for yall --

finally i do have an apartment IT IS ABOUT DAMN TIME oh but i am not staying there tonight -- oooohhhh noooooo that is too hard to ask the apartment people -- i had to do the most random things to get the apartment -- it was not like you apply and have good credit you get it -- let me start from the begining
last friday aug 1 -- i applied and let them know i was ready to move in asap -- they said they would know by monday aug 4 if i could move in that day or not -- (like it was susposed to be ready to move into) -- well monday rolls around and they have not started my application yet -- they said that if everything goes well i will know by later on that afternoon -- oh but of course nothing goes the way i want it too and i did not get the apartment on monday -- they said they will know for sure on tuesday -- well they get my application finished and everything is fine -- but i have one "non-current" thing on my credit report -- which is not even true -- so i had to call visa and have them fax the accurate information to the apartment people -- but that took too long so i did not get to move in that day either :(
today is wed. aug 6 and i got the call that i got the apartment and i needed to pay the sec. deposit of 1575 before i could move in -- so i go to the bank that i have in CA (washington mutual)
and get 1069 out of my bank account that leaves 2 cents (yes that is two pennies) -- then i went to the ATM machine and got only 400 out of my account from TX because that is as much as i could get out even though i have more -- i have to wait until midnight until i can get more -- so i pay 1469 to the apartment people and they say ok you will just owe us 106 and i was like sweet some good news -- then they say "everyone needs to be here to sign the rental agreement" and i told them that my roommate was in sacremento until the 22 of aug and could not sign yet -- apartment people said well then you can't move in until they get a signed copy of the rental agreement -- and here is how this is going to happen -- apartment people (too busy to do it today) are going to fax a copy of the rental agreement to sacremento -- my roommate and co signer are going to wait for the fax and then sign it infront of a notery -- then go back and fax it to the apartment people -- the i pay the remaining 106 -- then the apartment is mine -- i will let yall know how long that whole process takes when it is done

so yeah other than that i have been up to nothing -- i am tired of haveing no one to hold me -- i am lonely and i want a boyfriend -- some one to have fun with -- go on dates with and make out with -- is that so much to ask -- i don't think so -- it is not like i am a mean heartless bitch -- nope not at all i am very nice and understanding -- i am just sick and tired of being lonely

ok that is my venting for the time being
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