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humm humm humm

things i got done today:
(with $50 to spare)
that almost $200 phone bill did not help anything
-- i bought a filing thingy -- so maybe i won't forget as much -- but don't count on it though
i can't stand LA/OC girls that think they are the shit and everyone else is below them it makes me wild -- no not just wild it pisses me off - somebody just needs to kick the crap out of them and tell them to be nice or shut the f-up!! --
don't get me wrong i love LA but mainly because of the weather (and this is NOT NOT NOT humid -- so yall be quiet)
i like where i work the people are really friendly there -- even though just one or two people hate me that i know of but i am over it -- and i am sure they are too....

hopefully this is my last night in my apartment with my roommates from hair hell -- i did not know guys could have as much hair as they do -- i don't think it stays on their bodies for very long... it like grows then falls right out: in the bathtub, on the bathroom floor, on the kitchen floor, in the hallway, on the couch, you name it -- it has boy hair on it! and they are like that is not mine it is yours haley... (haley has long light brown hair NOT short black hair) IT MAKES ME WILD i want to scream sometimes because we fight all the time over the freakin hair everywhere -- face it they just need to wax all their hair and we would not have a problem -- i think i will do that next time they pass out drunk -- which will probally be tonight -- wax their back hair :) look out boys haley is going to get you...

hummmmmm....things to say things to write -- i am almost sure that no one will ever read this because it is not funny, not motivational, not really anything - but my thoughts and i don't think anyone has ever cared about what i think about anything anyway --

i am using this journal as a venting method -- mainly because i ran out of minutes on my cell phone and this is cheaper than 39 cents a minute -- it was 5 bucks for two months -- that is one hell of a deal if you ask me -- and no one talks back or tells me that i am off topic because i have no topic -- i am just venting to the world --
i think i like venting so much because it lets me get things out that i don't normally say because i hide behind a mask -- and it is not just any kind of mask -- it is the best one ever -- i am hiding behind myself -- i hide behind my own positive thoughts and feelings -- it works becuase if you hide behind what positive things you are feeling it is like you never feel bad stuff so i don't have to see what is really going on in my life -- mainly i choose to not feel the bad, negative, things -- i would rather be positive and feel good : so it is not really hiding in a bad way or a mask in a bad way but it is the way i stay positive -- and play like nothing bad is ever going on -- it is my own little world... i think my world has one flaw though -- MEN (that is a long story -- haley and MEN, BOYS, AHHHHHHHH)

i wish i knew where i am going to live this weekend -- i have until friday to move out of my apartment and i find out tomorrow if i got the one i wanted -- if i don't get it i am going to be screwed -- i think i will just yell cry and scream until someone lets me rent a damn apartment from them -- it is not like i have bad credit -- it is not like i won't pay -- i need a place to stay and sleep so that i can go to school full time and work my three jobs -- basically i need a bed a shower and a closet and that is it -- is that so much to freaking ask -- I NEED AN APARTMENT (somewhere in Long Beach) and not in the ghetto i don't want my car to get stolen or my computer to get jacked or anything like that -- people today are shady -- i am 19 years old and my car has been broken into 3 times already -- that is jsut lame -- and i am sick and tired of people taking my shit -- i bought it -- i worked my ass off for those cd's, purse, wallet, credit cards, etc. and it is not right for you to take what i earned -- just becuase you know how to break into a car while i am sleeping or at school or even worse while you are fixing it and i am paying you -- that is fucking shady and if you are one of the people that broke into one of my cars (97 silver ford explorer, 2003 black chevy suburban) i hope you die a slow, painful, and lonely death!!!!

i am done venting for now -- but don't worry i will be back later to vent some more -- i always have shit on my mind
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