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so yeah today sucked and i needed to get some of it out so i bought two months of this live journal business --
reasons why today sucked: (reasons appear with a ~)
~first i woke up (i wanted to sleep all day long)
~then i went to go look for an apartment -- it sucks not knowing where you are going to live the next week (VERY STRESSFUL)
~my close friends are too far away to hang out with all the time like i used to abbie is in IOWA, chris is in NOR CAL, tracy is in TEXAS, anne is in ILLINOIS, and steve works all the time :(
~i depend on other people -- I HATE BEING ALONE -- and i am so alone now and it makes me wild (for the record things that make me wild, make me mad)
~my daddy makes me wild -- all he has to do is co-sign for an apartment but noooooooooo that is too hard to do blah blah blah
~(by the way just so yall know i love my daddy, he is the best dad in the world but he makes me wild sometimes)
hummmmm let me see
~oh yeah i have no gas in my car and gas is so gosh darn pricey here in CA it makes me wild (i love TX gas prices, i miss them)
~i called in "sick" today at work becuase i was susposed to move my stuff into a friends house -- but he got home from work late and that fell through -- so instead i watched THE SWEETEST THING and ate low fat pretzles (i don't know how to spell that but i am over it)
~i forget things too much -- it is so annoying -- like today i set my apartment application down (i forgot where) and when i went to go get it, so i could fax it to the guy, i forgot where i put it -- and destroyed my already messy apartment looking for it -- but did i find it nooooooooooo -- so i had to fill out a new one and it made me wild!!!! DAMN TODAY SUCKED
BEING ALONE SUCKS (i hate being single -- i want a boy to hang out with that actually likes ME that would be wonderful)
i am tired now and should go to sleep thank god for the wonderful mattress [(spelling?--i will not ever use spell check, because i don't care)] i have -- if yall ever come over to my place i will let you feel it -- it is amaxing -- until later on
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